Christopher Braunschweig - Managing Editor

Christopher Braunschweig is a junior mass communications major with a minor in writing. During his free time he enjoys watching and discussing movies with his peers, taking photos and writing reviews. Braunschweig also works as an assistant in the Mac lab, which is practically his second home. This is his second year with Cliff News Net and his first year as managing editor. 

Kaitlin Meister - Assistant Editor

Kaitlin Meister is a junior mass communications major with a minor in Spanish from Mesa, Arizona. She is a member of the Briar Cliff University women's basketball team and works on campus for the mass communications department as well as the sports information office. After graduating, Meister hopes to have a career in public relations. This is her first year as Cliff News Net assistant editor.


Olivia Essig - Photo Editor

Olivia Essig is a sophomore mass communications major with minors in writing and business. This is Essig's first year as a photo editor for Cliff News Net and also her first year on staff. In her free time, Essig enjoys making coffee at the campus café, Java City...and then drinking it. She also enjoys singing, shopping and, of course, taking pictures. After graduation, Essig hopes to pursue a career in public relations.

Morgan Kulzer - Broadcast News Producer/Assistant Editor

Morgan Kulzer is a junior double major in mass communications and business and is from Albertville, Minnesota. When she is not working for Cliff News, she is an office aid for business professors, an active member of Cliff Singers and president of the Briar Cliff Chapter of SHRM. She enjoys watching movies with friends, reading books and listening to music. Kulzer would like to someday do behind-the-scenes work in broadcast. This is her first year as broadcast news producer. 

Casey French - Graphics Editor

Casey French is a senior graphic design and art double major with a minor in art history. French is from Spirit Lake, Iowa, but she practically lives in the Mac lab designing her life away. But you won't hear her complaining because she is so passionate about it. When she is not living in the Mac lab, she is helping with odd design jobs on campus. Whether she is working or playing, she is listening to a wide range of music depending on her mood. Her goal is to be a graphic designer in business identity or marketing. This is her first year as the graphic design editor. 


Kate Swanson - Copy Editor

Kate Swanson is a junior double major in English and writing with a mass communications minor. She is from Burnsville, Minnesota. When she is not working for Cliff News, she works in financial aid, participates in Briar Cliff choirs, and is the vice president of WREN. She enjoys creative writing in her free time and adding up her total Pandora listening hours. Swanson would someday like to be an editor of a publishing company or perhaps the next J.K. Rowling? This is her first year as a copy editor. 


Michael Crowley - Advisor

Crowley is associate professor of visual communications in the department of mass media. Crowley has been at Briar Cliff and the adviser to The Cliff News since 1989. He has a B.A. (government) from California State University, Sacramento, an M.A. (photojournalism) from Ball State University, a certificate of multimedia from Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been involved in student publications for over 35 years.


Kristen Perez - Advisor

Perez is an instructor of mass media. She has been at Briar Cliff since 2007. Perez has a M.A. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where she majored in journalism and mass communications and minored in film and new media. She has a B.A. from Briar Cliff University, where she majored in mass communications. Prior to coming to Briar Cliff, Perez worked in television and public relations.


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