Doyle scholars collect cans for Siouxland

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Morgan Kulzer
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Students at Briar Cliff University who receive the Doyle Leadership Scholarship attended a mandatory canned food drive on Sunday collecting nonperishable items for the Food Bank of Siouxland. 

In the past, the event was held during Welcome Week and was only for freshman. Gil Ridenour, associate campus minister, said that he does not care who does the collecting, as long as the event does not fade away. 

“We are providing a service for people to donate canned foods,” said Ridenour. “That it is a Doyle event…that is okay too. I guess it is more important that it continues in whatever capacity."

People are beginning to get in the giving mood, said Ridenour. “But to be a part of Welcome Week and to be a freshman event, we are instilling in them service right off the bat.”  

The event on Sunday was required for students receiving the scholarship, which is something sophomore Ellen Bucher would like to see changed.  

“People should come out and just do it,” says Bucher. “It gives you a point anyway so do not make it mandatory.” 

A “social butterfly” is how Bucher described herself, saying she had no problem going door to door and she would do the event even if it were it not required. 

“I did it last year and I liked it a lot. I like people,” said Bucher.  

Junior James Conway said he would not go to the event were it not required, but he likes the feeling he gets from helping out.  

“It makes you feel good about yourself,” said Conway. “Collecting cans that you are going to end up giving to people who need it.” 

The Doyle Scholarship is given to students who have held leadership positions in the past and is something Conway applied for before coming to Briar Cliff.  

“We had to write down things we did for leadership in high school and submit a short essay with the application,” said Conway.  

He said the extra money is worth going to the many different events required of scholars. To keep the scholarship students must gain ten points. Going to different speakers or attending different leadership events are ways students earn these points.  

“Some of the events I would go to, some of the others I probably would not,” said Conway. “It gives you an opportunity to go to something you would not have gone to before, and then actually end up liking it.” 

Freshman this year are not given the scholarship, which Ridenour said might be a problem for events like this.  

“There will be less and less Doyle scholars as the years go on,” said Ridenour. “It is probably going to, by necessity, become a freshman event again.” 


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